MyWalk : Cher Hui

MyWalk is a new monthly feature on the BCEC blog, exploring how people conduct their walks with God.Today I’m talking to Cher Hui, who has been coming to BCEC for two years

Cher, tell me a bit about your background.
I was a devoted Buddhist growing up, attending camps and even serving as president of my high school’s Buddhist society. But I could never find fulfillment. My dad told me that Buddism is just too deep to understand fully, but I always had doubts.

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What Does It Mean For You?

I remember reading a story once about a man who one day went out walking in some piny hills. The trail was quite uneven and littered with tree roots, and the man, being quite sensible, didn’t want to trip or fall. So he kept his eyes fixed firmly on the path immediately in front of him. After a while of walking in this studious manner, though, he developed a cramp in his neck. And he realised that he had gone on for a few miles without noticing any landmarks or enjoying the scenery.

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Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis

A series of fictional letters from one demon to another, this humorous book spins a different perspective on living the Christian life.  

Screwtape Letters is written from the viewpoint of Screwtape, a high-ranking demon who serves “Our Father Below”.  In the preface at the beginning, the author hopes that it would encourage readers to see the impact of spiritual life on daily reality. I found it a stimulating and entertaining read, particularly since it is styled as an instruction manual for how to tempt humans away from God. The unusual outlook reveals and results in an ironic portrayal of human spirituality. Generally thought-provoking and unlike any other book I’ve read before. It challenged me to question my behaviour and to think about how we as humans are affected by the often forgotten spiritual battles that take place everyday, just as C.S. Lewis intended.

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The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom

What does a Christian do in such a time? A story of where following your conscience in obedience & love to God may take you & bring you through.

The Hiding Place remains in my mind one of the classics of Christian biography. Sure, there are plenty of more modern biographies on the shelves of CLC — stories of ex-terrorists, former strippers, crusaders for justice in war-torn countries. And I’m sure they are also inspirational accounts of God’s grace, power, and love. But though this story happened over 50 years ago in a plot that sounds more like a historical novel than modern life, Corrie ten Boom’s life remains one of the most encouraging testimonies I’ve heard. Recently I went through some cluttered folders on my C drive (in an attempt to coax my computer to run faster) and found this document from when I was a teen:

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