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anticipation & disappointment

I used to get really excited about Christmas. Not because of the food, friends, family, or celebrations. Truth be told, my materialistic mindset made presents the most marvellous thing about Christmas. I remember getting the very first Nintendo console. The 8-bit grey and black dream machine. My sister and I stayed up until 2am getting past Bowser on level 1-4 of Super Mario Bros. My parents woke up and gave us a stern telling off, but reading the words, “your princess is another castle” left me with a sense of excitement and anticipation of waking up the next morning and continuing the journey to rescue the princess.

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Rejection. It’s a horrible feeling. It’s more than being left behind. It’s worse than just being abandoned or neglected. Rejection is all those things and more. The worst part about rejection is that it’s a decision. Someone doesn’t want you. They’ve looked at you and they don’t want you to be part of the group. It’s the toys being thrown away in Toy Story. It’s the rejects who join Glee. It’s all the people who didn’t get to the next stage of X-factor.

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love beyond

This post is a challenge to followers of Christ. Those of us who call ourselves Christians. Disciples of Jesus. The bride of Christ. His church.

It seems very much that we have settled. We have settled for the life here. We have made roots in the land. We have decided to call this world our home. What defines you? What marks you as unique? What sets you apart from the rest of this world?

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feet washing

In John 12, Mary anoints Jesus. Actually, more specifically, she anoints the feet of Jesus. And then proceeds to wipe his feet with her hair. Mary is washing the feet of Jesus. Judas protests, saying the money could be used for something else. And Jesus says, “For the poor you always have with you, but you do not always have me.”

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What do you worship?

It’s funny. The way we react to another person’s actions can tell us a lot about ourselves.

If someone cuts you off on the road, do you lash out and shout at them? If you’re driving down the street in an ethnically different part of town, do you immediately lock your car doors? If you see the poor begging on the street, do you cross over to the other side?

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mummies, zombies & the living dead

So i’d speculate that in the past 5 years there’s been a real resurgence of zombies (as well as vampires) into modern culture. To be fair, zombies have been interesting writing and entertainment material for quite some time. From the 1960’s zombie horror flicks, the idea of the living dead has been around for quite sometime. But since Resident Evil introduced the zombie genre into videogames in 1996, there’s been a rise in zombie related stuff. I mean Sega even introduced an educational “learn-to-type-by-shooting-zombies” videogame in 1999 (with subsequent “sequels.”)

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Real Food

So, the picture above isn’t frozen yogurt, or soft serve ice cream. No, it’s processed chicken. The kind of chicken that goes into chicken patties and chicken nuggets.

Because it’s a pulp of all sorts of parts of chicken, it ends up coming out pink. And because it’s crawling with bacteria, it’s soaked in a disinfectant and then re-flavoured artificially, and then dyed with artificial colour to make it look like normal chicken again. (original picture reblogged from here.)

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Get Up, Pick Up Your Mat, and Walk

A few years ago, i was walking through Chinatown in New York City. As i crossed an intersection, i suddenly sprained my ankle and yelped in pain. My sister and phan helped me hobble across the street; and as i paused to rest, leaning wearily on a newspaper dispenser, i fainted.

The next thing i knew, my sister and phan were frantically trying to get my attention, and i was trying to figure out why i was lying down on the ground in the middle of New York City.

As i sat up, a few people had gathered to see what the hullabaloo was all about. And because this was Chinatown, people were not hesitant in offering their suggestions and advice. One woman said, “You should have eaten breakfast.” Another person said, “Drink some tea with sugar in it.” And yet another person said, “You should be more careful. And watch where you’re walking.”

Suddenly everyone was a Chinese mom.

Listening to Ashley’s message this week about John 5, i found myself wondering about that paralysed man, sitting near the healing Pool of Bethesda. Here was a man who had been here for 38 years. And in those 38 years, how many countless numbers of people had offered him advice? How many times had he tried to get up and walk? How many times had he tried to even get to the healing pool?
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