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  • Kingdom Vision

    This year at the BCEC, we want to actively cultivate and renew our Kingdom Vision.

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    Kingdom Vision
  • BCEC Online Episode 10

    by bert /

    This week, as a special episode of the BCEC Online, we’ll be going through a little booklet called My Heart Christ’s Home. As a way to also help the family and kids stay engaged, […]

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  • Once we were all isolated

    by Special Guest /

    Words by Anna Khoo. Image by Greg Rakozy, Unsplash. Once we were all isolated. We were strangers, really. There had been a time, in a garden long ago, where we truly knew each other. […]

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  • Scripture Visualised

    by bert /

    It’s beautiful seeing God’s Word written beautifully. The expression of a verse, the writing of a psalm, the phrasing of verse visualised is something that can help us appreciate God and be reminded of […]

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  • Essay: Does being a British Chinese Christian condition me to want to belong?

    by Special Guest /

    Written by Ho-Yen Tsang || Image by Frank Zhang, via unsplash. Does being a British Chinese Christian condition me to want to belong? True, very true indeed. I would say at the early years, […]

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  • A/B Side, our new podcast

    by ansy /

    Ansy: I’m so tired of fighting.Ben: Fighting? We’re not fighting.Ansy: I’m so tired of fighting my corner in this heated debateBen: it’s called having a healthy discussion… This is how Ben and I decided, […]

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  • My Spiritual Timeline

    by Special Guest /

    Guest Writer: Matt Seiboth Writing / drawing out my ‘spiritual timeline’ is something that I started doing following a sermon I heard at BCEC titled Spiritual Development Milestones (from 13 October 2013). A spiritual […]

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  • Good Friday Reflections

    by bert /

    This Good Friday, as we are not able to meet together, we wanted to put together a guide for you to reflect and meditate on Good Friday in whatever circumstance you are in.

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Finding Us


About the BCEC

The BCEC is a great place to worship God, be part of warm fellowship, and meet new people. All ages and backgrounds are welcome. We also have a Kids Club running during the service.

What We Believe

We are a non-denominational church, evangelical in nature holding to the truths found in the Apostles Creed. Each week we engage with God through worship in song, the hearing of God's Word, and prayer.

3 Languages

We offer Sunday Services in English, Cantonese & Mandarin.
English Service: 9:45am Cantonese Service: 1:00pm Mandarin Service: 3:30pm
Find out more information about the Chinese services.