God In A Busy World

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In yesterday’s message, i referenced an article about research that talked about global Christians becoming too busy for God. One of the points which i tried to bring out, that it’s not about partitioning time for God – it’s more about seeing that all your time is with God already – and following Him in whatever you’re doing.

Unless you take the time to stop, focus, remember that our God is the God above time, who has called and created you for a purpose – to take time to be in gratitude for the place you are now, and to inspire you with hope for the future regardless of the circumstance, we will become weary from the burden of our own self-sufficiency. No, sabbath is not meant simply for the pleasure of God, sabbath is for man to find his rest in God. If you are without rest – gaining much sleep, but not rest – then the call is for you to Sabbath – to rest in the Lord.

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How do you deal with the busy-ness in your life?
Is life a struggle trying to balance all the things you’re trying to take care of?
What else have seen or read that’s helped you deal with being too busy?

2 Responses to "God In A Busy World"
  1. Witek says:

    Q: How do you deal with the busy-ness in your life?
    A: GTD, RTM, Gcal, and 7 Habits

  2. ros says:

    Such a good reminder that our time actually belongs to God and was given to us by Him. I easily forget when things are so hectic and manic, so thank you for this reminder.

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