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We’ve just finished a series on 7 aspects of discipleship. It was never meant to be a comprehensive list of all that we’re called to be as disciples of Christ, but instead just a brief look into a few. As disciples we’re called to be Followers of Christ, Pray-ers (people who pray), Servants, Learners, Ambassadors, Conquerors, and Worshippers.

Part of the reason for having this series, was to help break down what it means to be a disciple. As this year’s theme is a challenge to move from believers to disciples, it was important to really look into what God is calling and shaping us to be.

Often times, we find ourselves being shaped and moulded by society. Being pushed into boxes or stereotypes that don’t altogether define us. Conservative, Liberal, Atheletic, Geeky, Funny, Boring – part of realising our identity and shape in God, is starting to find out how God describes us. Life in Christ means discovering that new identity with Him.

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