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This Sunday we’re starting a new series entitled, Modern Living.

Perhaps a better title would actually be, Post-Modern Living. There’s this t-shirt at Threadless which says :
“This was supposed to be the future. Where is my jetpack, where is my robotic companion, where is my dinner in pill form, where is my hydrogen fueled automobile, where is my nuclear-powered levitating house, where is my cure for this disease.”

Its funny, because we all had these dreams about the future, and what life should be like, and now that we’ve gotten older, we’ve realised that life isn’t as rosy as we had hoped it would be.

This new series, Modern Living takes a look at a couple issues which we all face today.

September 14
Modern Living : God In A Busy World (Matthew 14:13-14; 22-24)

The pacing and busy-ness of the modern world often means that space and time for God is usually at a minimum. How does modern man and women prioritise God into their lives? Does the Sabbath still exist for modern Christians? How important is rest?

September 21
Modern Living : Money Matters (Luke 19:1-10; Mark 10:17-31)
The economic reality of modern society means that we are reliant on money. Is it wrong to get a pay rise? How generous is generous living? Is it okay to be ambitious? God, what is the purpose of money for Christians?

September 28
Modern Living: Poor, Homeless, Helpless (James 1:27)

We encounter the poor, homeless, and helpless everyday. Is it a Christian’s responsibility to take care of them? And as we broaden the question to the global world, what is a Christian’s responsibility to third world nations?

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