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We’ve begun this journey into understanding what it means to Love God with all your Heart, all your Soul, all your Mind, and all your Strength.

John Piper writes in his book What Jesus Demands From The World:

Loving God is most essentially treasuring God. And loving him with all the heart and all the soul and all the mind and all the strength means that every faculty and every capacity treasures God above all things and in such a way that our treasuring of any other thing is also a treasuring of God. In other words, there may be other good things that we may rightly treasure in some measure. But we may not treasure them in the place of God.

For me, I realised that my heart had never learned how to love properly. All the emotional wounds from the past and present prevented my heart from truly surrendering to God. To obey this commandment meant coming to God first and asking him to heal my heart, so that I can and will love God more. Finding freedom from the past through Jesus melted away the years of cynacism and bitterness, so that my heart was free again to love. And now with my heart set free, it turns to loving God.

This weeks’ message is available at the BCEC Sermon Page or directly via this link.

In John Piper’s book, What Jesus Demands From The World, chapter 9 talks about Loving God with all your heart, soul, mind and strenght. It is available as a PDF download (free).

2 Responses to "All Your Heart"
  1. Witek says:

    Very good sermon. Thank you Bert!

    Btw, in Google Reader the post now comes with embedded audio. So cool!

  2. bert says:

    Hi Witek,

    Thanks for the encouragement about the message. Any thoughts on our following God’s command to Love Him with all your heart?

    It’s also interesting to think about how learning to love God with all of our heart, also affects the way we love our Neighbour. I really see these two commandments going hand in hand.

    Google reader… very very cool…

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