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“It’s better to give than to receive.”

Nowadays it seems everyone is saying that it’s better to receive than to give.

It seems like on tv, radio, even in conversations, it’s less about what you’re giving away this Christmas, but more about what you’re getting. “What do you want for Christmas?” “What do you think so and so will get you for Christmas?” “What’s your dream Christmas gift.”

It seems more and more, that it’s less about the joy of giving, and more about the joy of getting.

That seems to be the exact opposite of what God has done. He gave us Christ. Who gave His life. What greater exchange could there ever be?

At the BCEC this Christmas Season, on the 13th of December, we’ll be having our Christmas Celebration, with Carols, Christmas Quiz, and a short play called The Promise.

On Sunday the 14th, David Hawker will be sharing with us about the Joy of Hospitality. And then on the 21st of December we’ll hear about how Jesus is the Joy to the World. And then on the 28th of December we’ll recap 2008 and return to the verse which we started out the year with, Luke 4:18-19, knowing that this is the Year of the Lord’s Favour.

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