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God really spoke to my heart this Sunday during the message. If you haven’t listened to the message do head over to the Sermon page and download it and have a listen.

What really spoke to me this Sunday was when Alex asked, “What are the things which are most valuable to you?” From there my mind springboarded to try and imagine what my life would be like if i “tithed” or offered to God and his people, a tenth of my best.

So i thought about my car (not that i love my car, or i think it’s the best), but i thought, what does it mean to give 10% of my car to serve the Lord? What does it mean to give 10% of my house to serve God? What does it mean to give 10% of my friends and family to God?

Giving bears such an amazing return – because these things all are part of our calling to love God and love our neighbour. What a joy it is to share in God’s community, and bless other people. It’s a beautiful expression of our worship and thanks to God.

This was a continuation of our series for this year. You can find the entire series at the BCEC Sermon Page or listen to last week’s sermon directly – Tithes & Offering.

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  1. karlroygabriel says:

    I believe the idea is it’s not so much the 10% with which we give. I don’t think Jesus ever said for us specifically to give 10%. But the 10% is still relevant in that it’s what the Church deemed necessary for us to give in order that we could still experience what tithing was, while at the same time having enough of ourselves to support ourselves in what we do.

    I personally disagree with such a rigid and impersonal expression of say, one tenth of everything you do. I mean, that 90% is really cool, in that we get to use a lot of it, but why stop at 90% being what we have, or 10% being what we give? Jesus said, “To those that have, more will be given, such that they will have an abundance.”

    And Jesus also said, “To those who have little, that which they have will be taken away, such that they have nothing.”

    These are very powerful statements and enable Capitalism to come into full swing with the world, True.
    But at the same time, we have to examine the context of what Jesus said in that they were True when he said them, and also, in how they are true today.

    I personally don’t believe in money, I think it’s an impure translation of Labor, and truly, we only have based on our Labors in the world. The really smart people, or rather, the ones who ‘have’ the most are the ones who can impact their will in the grandest scheme for the grandest things, either those things being some really cool food that people would and do pay a lot of money to eat or try, or some product that people would and do pay money to have (possess, have around, enjoy, make part of themselves, include within their identity as being ‘theirs’) …

    But money is so improper a medium by which acquiring that, if only because money is so impersonal, objective, and these days, essentially worthless. What *should* be there is a translation of labor, a voucher of work hours, or something like that, something that PROVES you did the effort necessary to earn you whatever or however you have. If it was all computerized, MAYBE, and we have the technology for that, just not the iron will or determination to punish those who would interfere with that.

    I perrsonally believe Tithing is great as an idea, but you’re also right in the sense that it’s not just about money, it’s about your entire life. Giving a piece of your entire life merely for the sake of God. I personally think the idea is, you work as a piece and function of God such that you provide and come to justice with all the inertias in your life, be they negative or positive. If you have in abundance that which you do not need, if what you have that you can spare, someone asks, you should give, if they need, or if they want, and you can identify with them enough to understand that need or want, and that you can gauge it with your own needs and wants.

    It’s complicated, that idea, that thing I just said, yeah, and you might not read it all. That’s okay, I don’t blame you, I probably won’t, personally. But I learned something from it, since I made it all up on the spot. But it made sense to me, makes sense to me, and I shall go accordingly.

    I personally believe though, that understanding God and Loving God and devoting myself to God is, or rather does the facilitating of this process within myself. I believe I’m one of the people uniquely equipped to give all of my labors to God, but that’s because there are a LOT of people in the world who suffer to God, and Christ calls us to call to the unbelievers, for us to remind them of who they are, and remind them that they too are of God and part of God, and that nothing stops them from identifying with this, save a lack of information.

    I write and talk a lot, if you didn’t read it all, I’m sorry, I understand. You were the first person who’s thoughts and excerpt I liked enough when I typed “God” in the search bar. (This also makes you the second, but the first was about Elvis, who I don’t know about.)

    Just Friendly Conversation


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