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This past Sunday we had the privilege of having the General Secretary of the Hong Kong Bible Society, Dr Mary Leung come and share with us.

Born in Hong Kong, educated in Canada with Master of Social Work degree, Dr. Leung was a professional Social Worker for over 2 decades in the area of psychiatric social work, counseling, family service and administration before joining HKBS as General Secretary since 2006.  She is a welcomed speaker in Hong Kong on family, parenting, depression, mental health/clear conscience, social concern and loving one’s neighbors etc. from a Biblical perspective so as to remind audience to read the Bible for themselves; make a habit of it and allow the Bible’s truth to transform lives.  She had also completed her Doctorate in Education in citizenship and moral education, from the University of Technology Sydney.

We were also joined by Dr Joseph Hong, who shared about the ministry of the Bible Society as well as their involvement in revision of the Chinese Union Bible translation. Dr Hong has been working for the United Bible Societies for over twenty years. He travels often to different parts of the world to supervise and provide consultancy to Bible translation projects and was once based at the Bible Society in the South Pacific in Fiji. Equipped with Doctorates in both Theology and Translation, Dr Hong is fluent in French, English, Chinese, and German, he also has working knowledge of Spanish, Hebrew and Greek. He has helped with over twenty language projects, including the common-language Khmer, Northern Thailand’s Hmong, Mien, Myanmar’s Chin and Karen and even Fijian, Vanuatu’s Bislama and the Marquesan in French Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean. He currently is put in charge of the revision of the “Chinese Union Version” for the Hong Kong Bible Society as he works in the capacity of translation consultant with the editing committee and reviewers/scholars from various regions of the world. Topics for Dr Hong include: “Bible translation: a global challenge”, “the history and revision of the beloved Chinese Union Version”, “Principles of revision for Revised Chinese Union Version of the Bible”

Find out more information about the Bible Society in the UK, as well as the Bible Society in Hong Kong.


This was a continuation of our series for this year. You can find the notes of the message as well as the worship at the BCEC Sermon Page or listen to last week’s sermon directly – Love Your Neighbour.

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