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There area a few upcoming events that you might be interested in.

Start your day deliciously. 🙂 This Saturday (16 May), we’re having a Prayer Breakfast @ BCEC from 9-10.30am. Drop a comment here or get in touch with Sam Ho for more details. As our church continues to grow in our love for the Lord, praying with one another with one of the best ways to help each other grow in that love of God. Definitely come and join us. 🙂

mpfThis year the Malaysian Christian Prayer Conference sponsored by the Malaysian Prayer Fellowship will be held at the BCEC. Join us for a day of worship, prayer and sharing. It will be on 6 June 2009, from 10.30am-4pm. The event is free and all are welcome. Grab hold of Weng Chin for more details.

Thirdly, the BCEC has organised a trip down to see the Logos Hope while it is at port in Cardiff. The Logos Hope is OM’s (Operation Mobilisation) latest ship. The purpose of the OM Ships are to bring Knowledge, Help and Hope all around the world. On the 6 of June BCEC will be taking a coach of people down to have a tour of the Logos Hope. There is a sign up sheet in church if you are interested in attending. The coach from here will be leaving at 8am and return by 6pm. More details of other places in the UK where the Logos Hope will be docked are available on the Logos Hope website. Make the most of the opportunity to visit while it is here in the UK. It will also be in London and Cork, Ireland.

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