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We’ve got some good stuff going on this weekend!

Saturday, 20 June | 10:30-12:30 | @BCEC
Alexander Chow gives a seminar on Perspectives on Christians and the World. Come by and have a gander.
Saturday, 20 June | 6:30pm-10pm
The Men’s Fellowship are getting together for some food! Donald Yung has more details, but it’s open to anyone who’s a male.
Monday, 22 June | 6pm – 10pm | @BCEC
The Women’s Fellowship (not to be trumped by the men), will be having a guest speaker, Jenny from Open Doors, to come and share.

Drop a comment if you’d like more info, or get in touch with your cell leader.

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  1. Witek says:

    Regretfully I can’t make it to Men Fellowship, I am not allowed at Women Fellowship… Maybe I try to attend Alex’s seminar.

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