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Since I’m not currently in England, I played Bert’s sermon on mp3. It’s surprisingly difficult to take 50 minutes out of life to sit down and listen. In the end I finished the sermon in several segments while cleaning house, waiting in the car, and shopping. It seems slightly ironic that while hearing about how to balance life, I was busy running around filling different roles. Getting everything done– and still keeping the priorities straight– is something we all struggle with.

Even while I’m technically on holiday, it’s a battle finding time to spend with God everyday, not to mention anything about praying three times a day. That’s partially why I like Psalm 127 so much. It’s a good reminder for me to check my heart and see where God is in my life. We should be faithful to whatever work we’re responsible for, but if God isn’t behind it, all our effort is for nothing. It’s a sobering thought. We’d like to think that what we do is important and has meaning to it.

During this time visiting home, I’ve run into a lot of old friends. Since it’s been a while, there’s a lot of catching up and “How are you doing?” questions. One thing I’ve noticed is that everyone automatically says how busy they are in response. It’s as if staying busy means that we are doing well. But even when our schedules are full, it shouldn’t define us. In his sermon, Bert highlighted the idea of prayer and praise. No matter how many responsibilities we have, no matter how many roles we fill, God can and should come first.  Talk to God about every part of your life; acknowledge His presence.

Pray and praise. It’s simple, it’s hard, and it’s enough.

This was the third in a series about our Inner and Outer Life. You can find the message as well as the worship at the BCEC Sermon Page or listen to last week’s sermon directly – Outer Life: Balancing Responsibilities.

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