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Firelight is a group of university students and young working people. They dig deeper into the Bible and explore their relationship with God, applying what they learn to their lives as young adults and students in Birmingham. They meet every Thursday to share a meal together before jumping into discussions and sharing.

A Testimony from a Firelight Member
Last fall when I moved here to start university I had no idea how much spiritual support I would be able to find. Since I had met some Firelight people during a visit to BCEC, I decided to try Firelight. The first time I went I completely lost my way trying to find the house. I gave up and begin trying to figure how to get back to my dorm, but they called to see where I was and insisted on picking me up from where I was. What I noticed immediately about Firelight was how laid back and relaxed it is.

It’s a lot more like a gathering of friends than a formal Bible study (although we do that as well!). We eat dinner first and then usually chat and play games for a bit before studying a chapter of the Bible. Because most of us have some background and experience in Christian living, the Bible studies are more expository (analyzed verse by verse) and discussion-based rather than taught by one person. We end with a few worship songs and prayer for each other. What I’ve appreciated most about Firelight are the friendships and the prayer support we give each other.

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