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SEEDS cares for students in Birmingham through meeting up regularly. The group is a mix of cultures and languages, and provides a safe and friendly place to explore spiritual issues. The group consists of students from all 4 universities with a mix of local and international students from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Indonesia and Malaysia. The Group aims to achieve a sense of belonging to a ‘family’ to provide a relaxing yet nurturing and supportive environment so members can feel a sense of belonging to this ‘happy family away from home’.

A Testimony from a SEEDS Member
Most of the time in Britain the weather is windy and rainy. Every Thursday after I have done my study in Birmingham University, I walk to University Station, go to New Street Station in the city centre, and walk to BCEC. The happy ending of this trip is that I always see the lights are switched on, on the second floor, and people with happy friendly smiles come and answer the door.
I don’t know when this fellowship became so important to my weekly life. There could be many excuses to keep me from going to the fellowship like illness, exams, and bad mood. But the fact is that I try really hard to make it every week, for Seeds has become a big comfort and refreshment to my life.
I used to attend several university students group for purposes such as “if I do this job well, I can put this experience in my CV”. I found myself lacking in passion and a sense of responsibility. However I have continued going to Seeds from the beginning.
I became a Christian when Seeds was formed. I grew up with this fellowship and every member (we call ourselves Seedlings) .I am really thankful that I could have this journey with Jesus Christ. Every week we do Bible study, worship and prayer. This fellowship gives me a great sense of being a member of the family. To be honest, I have never seen people of such strong faith and love to one another in anywhere else before. We started with the basic study of Christianity like “who is Jesus”, “what is the Holy Spirit”. Eventually many of us have led Bible Study and worship. We have really become more mature as a fellowship. Looking back to this journey, I found out that it is really amazing that the Lord has done marvelous wonders in our lives.
What we have learnt was not only the knowledge, but also acknowledged the grace and love from our Heavenly Father. I like the time of prayer. We can share and know about each other’s daily life. And pray together. We all have different struggles in our daily life. We as humans have different troubles. This fellowship has been there, every Thursday night, to listen to our complaints, soften our hearts, pick up the broken pieces of our lives, and help us to surrender to each other and God.
Thank you, Seeds.
Thank you, Lord.

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