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I can’t stand shopping. Or let me rephrase that — i’m a very bad shopper.
I’m absolutely horrible at deciding what to buy. I’m rubbish at the whole shopping experience, searching for a deal, finding the best product out there, trying things on, then actually spending the money… shopping and me are a bad combination.

I think my problem is that i’m paralysed by fear when shopping. (i’m sure there are plenty of people out there that wish they were paralysed by fear to prevent them from shopping!) I’m so afraid that i’m going to make the wrong decision, or i’ll find a better deal elsewhere, or i’ll regret buying it, or it’ll disappoint me when i finally bring it home. the whole shopping experience can just be so embarassing!

I suppose that explains why each Sunday i’m sporting the same brown jumper, and i’m still wearing the same pair of worn out Golas i bought 2 years ago.

Truth be told — i want the best. I want a pair of shoes that are comfortable and last for a long time that i’m not going to regret buying. I want a pair of jeans that fit and won’t get torn at the heels as i walk through the town. I want a computer that’s not going to be obsolete when I walk out the door. And i don’t mind paying a little bit more, if i can be sure that i’m getting the best deal, for something that’s lasting, genuine, and effective.

But what’s the best thing for life? If I could invest my life, my time, my very being in something, what would it be? If we think about it, the greatest currency that we have is our lives? And yet, do we find ourselves paralysed by fear — an inability to invest our lives in things of worth?

Life often feels like a struggle of finding what’s best for us, and what’s best for us to invest to. Entering into a relationship with God – and letting him breathe life into your spirit – answers that struggle. Because being with God, loving him, is the best thing ever for us. And then living for him, loving our neighbour, is the best way to invest our lives.

Sometimes we’re paralysed by fear in approaching God – is he the right choice? Are we able to handle being a Christian? Will I regret following Him? But all those fears pale in comparison to the fear of a life without him. Would you settle for life as is, or exchange it all for the best you could ever have?

This was the last in a random series. (can a series be random?) You can find the message as well as the worship at the BCEC Sermon Page or listen to the sermon directly – Simply The Best.

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