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Is there a particular way that Christians should celebrate Christmas? Alex Chow mentioned that as he googled, he discovered that some Christians were even asking whether Christians should celebrate Christmas at all!

Part of the controversy stems from how Christians interact with the world itself. A few months ago, Alex actually gave a seminar on how historically Christians have interacted with the culture around them. And there seems to be always this tension between living in this world, but not a part of it. As Paul writes, this world is not our home.

So then, should Christians celebrate Christmas? And if so, how should we go about celebrating? As Alexander Chow unfolded this question, he began by simply explaining who Jesus is – and Jesus’ work here on earth. He spoke of humility, sacrifice, love, and redemption. And as I took notes, I wondered to myself, is Alex ever going to answer the questions he posed in the beginning? And then the realisation came – that if we, the children of God, can indeed see who Christ is – then we, the children of God, would realise what it means to be like Christ. And that, illustrates how we as Christians should celebrate Christmas.

Christmas is the time of remembrance – remembering Christ’s coming. I suppose in reality, they could have picked any day at all. But the early church decided on seconding a secular holiday with the hopes of redeeming something secular, and transforming it into something of beauty for God. And isn’t that in the same spirit of what Christ came to do? To take what was broken and redeem it for his good works?

We, God’s children, are called to be like Christ. Christmas remembers the coming of Christ. And so Christmas reminds us that we are here to bring Christ to the world. To bring his message of hope, salvation, freedom & love. To remember that we are called to something greater – that we are not destined for evil and complacency.

So what does Christmas mean for bert? It’s a reminder that long ago, God created the world. That my life had gone astray along the way. But God reclaimed me and is restoring me.

So how would I celebrate Christmas? By remembering that because of God, my life here has a new purpose. I’m part of his team that works to remind the world of their original purpose. I am an ambassador of Christ, sent here on his behalf, to represent Him. Christmas is a reminder that every day I am made for good works, a vessel of God’s blessing, a giver of God’s goodness. And that everyday is a present from God to me.

Live life to the fullest for Christ.
Happy Christmas everyone!

This was the second episode in December series on Christmas.
You can hear the message as well as the worship at the BCEC Sermon Page or listen to the sermon directly – Should Christians Celebrate Christmas in a Particular Way?.

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