Would Jesus Celebrate Christmas?

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Would Jesus celebrate Christmas, is the question I ask today
How would he celebrate Christmas with us in the UK?

Would he go shopping in the town, buying gifts for you and me?
An iphone for dad, a dollhouse for sis, and for mum a new teevee?
Maybe he’d come into our house, and help decorate a tree?
Hanging lights and tinsel around the hall drinking eggnog merrily?

Would Jesus celebrate Christmas, the same as me and you?
Would he sit around a fireplace, enjoying the winter view?
Would he unwrap his presents excitedly, then groan at the gift inside
Or would he love the gift he’d been given, and gleefully smile wide?

Would Jesus celebrate Christmas, with broken families?
with those who’s lives have been torn apart by troubles or disease?
Would he spend it standing in the cold with the homeless man on the street
Sharing conversation and a bit of bread with the one with nothing to eat?

Would Jesus celebrate Christmas, despite the things he sees?
The sorrow and heartache of people’s lives, the troubles and worries?
Does he see into the hearts of men, the problems deep within
The disappointments of years gone past, the wounds of painful sin

For Jesus is not Santa Claus, with gifts for good girls and boys
he comes not with reindeer, a fluffy white beard and a red sleigh full of toys
Jesus rings in a new season of life – goodness, peace, hope, love and joy
Hark the herald angels sing! for evil is destroyed!

so do you celebrate Christmas with Jesus by your side?
Let us share the same hope and joy that his love doth provide
let peace on earth, goodwill to men, sing from our hearts today
let justice reign, and love remain, to all on Christmas day.

I also gave the message in the Cantonese & Mandarin services, and the translator, Yinghong Shang provided this translation:








This was the first episode in December series on Christmas.
You can hear the message as well as the worship at the BCEC Sermon Page or listen to the sermon directly – Would Jesus Celebrate Christmas?.

2 Responses to "Would Jesus Celebrate Christmas?"
  1. Crysto says:

    What a wonderful poem! Many of us just see Christmas as a holiday, or may even get stressed because of Christmas. How often do we reflect on the true meaning of Christmas and remember to give to the needy? This year I will celebrate Christmas with Jesus!

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