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This is a contribution from one of the members of the BCEC. Stories of faith and living courageously for God help to spur each one of us on. This testimony is from Naixu Li.

I’ve always wondered, how does God work on me? Yes, He works in mysterious ways, but I still want to know how he’s gonna act when I ask in my prayer – like I want to be stronger, more disciplined, meek, humble and a man like His son. Why every time I pray, I cannot feel in my heart that I’ve already been like what I’ve been praying for.

I saw a movie today, during a time which like millions of other times in my life that I’ve put myself in a hopeless and tough situation. The only one to be blamed for such a situation is me, myself. Thanks to my sluggard, foolishness and weakness in self-discipline, I have to do the work of my vacation in two nights and a day. Well, you’ll know, it’s really a bad time for a movie which kills 1 and a half hours which I could spend on my “dreadful” course-works. Not to mention another half hour spent on this little writing.

Well thanks God (and my laziness and foolishness maybe), it was a worthwhile time spent. I’ve always been told that God works by giving us situations in which I can train my character. He gives us all kinds of environments which we can used to build our own strengths. I’ve never felt more that this is true than ever before.

“Do you think that if you ask Him for a more happy family, that he would at once gives you the fuzzy feeling in your heart or would he give you a chance to love each other more?”

I don’t know why I didn’t believe this truth before. Was it because I thought this limits the work and ability of the God? Or simply I just don’t want to believe because I am sinful in nature: so lazy that I want God to treat me by giving me everything I want in a second. That is not God. That is not Him.

He gives a situation where we can obtain the things we pray for, like he set a banquet in front of us, in the same way that he put the land of Caanan in front of the Israelites for them to get hold of. He does this all for the good of His own people, for a simple reason that He loves them. He does everything because of loving these creatures! Amazing!

I’ve long been praying for that He could help me with my study, that he could give me more strength, more self-discipline to get my study better. And each time after I pray, I start to look for the strength in my heart. What do I get? It’s like walk into a fog.

Well, now I realized that He has already answered my prayer. 1. I still have chance to study. 2. I still have chances to get better. 3. I still have chances to get all the characters I’ve been looking forward to. He has prepared all that I want in front of me, waiting for me to lay my hand to work. All thanks to God!
-Naixu Li

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