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This is a contribution from one of the members of the BCEC. Stories of faith and living courageously for God help to spur each one of us on. This testimony is from Tessa Mo.

I just want to share how God spoke to my heart through your sermons!

Last week when I was spending time with God, I had this idea of writing ‘unconditional love- Jesus’ boldly on the snow on the pavement.

I wondered if it was from God or just me. On one hand I think it’s a great opportunity to proclaim His name on the street without being accused of ‘vandalism’, on the other hand, I didn’t really want to do it, fearing what others might think.

Then I meditated on Joshua 1:9. It’s as if God was saying ‘have I not commanded you in Bert’s sermon…. I AM with you.’ Also the night before I listened to a sermon title ‘the giant killer’, about David and Goliath. And I thought, maybe God was preparing my heart.

I got excited but knew that I needed to be armed with prayer, and be filled with His Spirit. I also sent a text to couple of strong Christian friends.

My friend Polly wrote this

‘hi Tessa, I think that’s a great idea, partly because the snow washes away all the cities grime like God taking away sin. I will pray for his guidance for you’, and ‘I am reading lamentations and it is though it is speaking about you- ‘my heart is poured out on the ground’ .. (Lamentations 2:19) people faint for hunger of the Lord in your street. Pour your heart into the ground where you are and see the fruit. God will honour your compassion’

I was very encouraged, and I kept declaring the verses. So I went out, did a couple along pershore road then some near the central mosque. I felt quite bold doing it, and was surprised no one in the muslim area questioned me. But that was hardly anyone on the street anyway. Then I came back to Bristol road, I wondered if I should do one on the pavement opposite to my apartment, but i was so worried what my parents, and the residents might think. So i chose a spot further down the road. I also did a small ‘love’ and a cross outside my apartment and a guy from the hairdresser though i was clearing the drive and lent me a shovel (i used a piece of wood), he asked me what i wrote and he said ‘i hope it blessed you’.

I went home, wondered how many people would actually see the writings. They were actually not very visible unless you went up close. I changed from writing ‘unconditional love’ to ‘perfect love’, hoping it’s more legible. I felt kind of guilty for not writing right opposite to my apartment. Then I tried not to think negative, because the devil wanted me to feel bad. I prayed that they’d cause people to pause and think.

it was an exercise of faith, and faith was tested all the way through. I felt emboldened by God’s Spirit, but I realised that as soon as I got self-conscious I slipped away from the promise of His Word. i realised that the hesitation and fear beforehand was rather unnecessary. We could really Push the boundaries, esp in this country where we are (still) free to speak out.

It challenged me to think how willing I am really to proclaim His Name. I’m probably much more relaxed to write on snow about other things in the name of art than in the name of Jesus!! Jesus is above all rules and authority, In the PRESENT age, as well as the age to come. It really shifted my perspective when I see Jesus is the King, and we have victory in Him cause we are princes and princesses.

Your sermon this week again was like a booster to my spirit. It’s so easy to think that ‘I’ve done my bit, I think God’s happy for a while so I can take a break’. I went out again twice. Wrote ‘Jesus’ only. It was still a struggle, I was worried that it wasn’t very politically correct. But I wasn’t going to give in to the thought because satan obviously didn’t want me to write the name Jesus.

God’s been showing me His compassion for the lost. Like in lamentations, Britain doesn’t know she’s naked and desolate. He’s also teaching me to be more faithful, see what’s He’s doing each day and engage with Him. I hope this testimony encourage you as it’s encouraged me. I thank God that you’ve been faithfully handling the word of Truth.


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You can hear the second message in our series on Joshua 1:9 as well as the worship at the BCEC Sermon Page or listen to the sermon directly – Joshua 1:9.

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