Joshua 4 : Storytelling

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When I was serving in Sheffield, a few University Students thought it be fun to put together a small concert. We’d each written or cowritten a few songs, and felt like this would be a great way to share with our friends things that God had done in our lives. We wanted to let our friends know more about God and our relationship with Him. And since one of the passions he gave us was music, we decided to share it through song. Until now, these songs haven’t been let loose on the internet, but seeing that this week’s message ties so well in with the idea of us remembering and telling stories of God’s goodness, i thought this would be a fun way to share it.

My encouragement to you is to go ahead and try something – be bold and courageous. If you’ve got an idea that you want to try, or something that God’s been putting on your heart, go ahead and attempt it! Discover new ways to share God’s love, and begin to create new stories between you and God. It’d be a sad thing to go through life and not have any stories of God’s love and faith in your own life.

So even as embarassing as it is listening to these old song tracks, it’s great to remember what God has done, and be reminded that with him Impossible is Nothing.

Here are the notes from the CD we put out. We called ourselves s m l:
s m l was put together to give us a chance to share some stories of faith which God has given us. The name was conceived when David, Paul and I (bert) happened to stand next to each other. Paul, the gentle giant, david, the middle sized mayhem, and bert, the half-pint. We’ve been able to share with each other the stories and lessons which God has been teaching us over our years in Sheffield, and s m l was our attempt to share with you, what God has shared with us. These songs are those stories and lessons. What we’ve learned from God is how he fills our lives with songs, stories and lessons. It’s our hope that you will come to know God’s stories for your lives and remember them always.

Mac & PC Users: To download, right click and choose ‘Download Linked File as..’

s m l – stories of faith in song (these are all mp3 files)
1. the answer – bert han & paul chen
2. trusting – david tay
3. when i wake up – paul chen
4. i’ll remember you – bert han
5. take my hand (guitar) – bert han
6. the true condition of my heart – david tay
7. the leap – paul chen
8. how deep the Father’s love – written by stuart townsend, performed by paul, david, bert
9. lean on me – written by bill withers, performed by paul, david, bert, cindy
10. differences – neil thomas
11. i love you, Lord – written by laurie klein, performed by neil thomas & cindy teoh
12. what a friend – written by martin smith, performed by neil thomas
13. you’ve got a friend – written by carole king, sung by victor hidayat
14. bagai rajawali – performed by victor hidayat
15. never settle – adam munn
16. john stewart – adam munn
17. happy day – adam munn
18. take my hand (original) – bert & danette

Download all the songs in one zip file: (these files are all m4a, and will play in iTunes)
SML – Stories of Faith in Song

This was the ninth episode in our series on Joshua. You can find all the the messages as well as the worship at the BCEC Sermon Page or or listen to the sermon directly – Joshua 4.

2 Responses to "Joshua 4 : Storytelling"
  1. Phil says:

    God bless you. Music and songs of prayer is a great way of worshiping thr Lord and yet finding so much enjoyment and encouragement in times of trial.

  2. Witek says:

    Bert, thank you for sharing the songs. Today I’ve logged into my very old private ftp account which used since year 2000 and stopped using around 2004 due to some technical difficulties. Strangely, it is still working and my files are still there!

    Looking at the files which I have archived there, logs of emails which I have exchanged with some people, and pictures from different events reminded me how God was working in me and through me in the past decade.

    Sometimes it is easy to loose our motivation to follow and trust Jesus. It happens to me. I become stagnant in my Christian walk. Looking at the “evidence” how God worked reminds me that “He is the same yesterday, today and forever”. And gives me a desire to follow after him again.

    Keep up the good fight brothers & sisters!

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