Why Am I (Still) in the UK? by Junny Chan

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This is a question that I’ve been increasingly asking myself everyday. This is the 17th year I have lived in the Queen’s country. I have officially lived here longer than I have in Hong Kong, my homeland. Quietly I wonder if the HKSAR government will take away my HKID card if they find out about it. As I come to the end of my medical training (the reason why I came out here those many years ago), and as I see one by one my friends leaving the UK and returning to their home countries, I always long to do the same. I never truly feel belonged here.

Martin Goldsmith’s sermon today challenged my thinking, but more importantly reaffirmed God’s will for me, for now. Martin reminded us, “You didn’t come here for your education; you didn’t come here for your job. You came as a missionary for England!” An answer to my question! He spoke about the love of God, accomplished through the salvation of Christ and what it means for the world and us Christians. Preaching from John 1, he reminded me that in my new identity in Christ, what matters now is not whether I am a Malaysian or Singaporean, a British or Chinese citizen, but that I am a CHRISTian – one who loves and lives as Christ does. Christ is the “Word” that creates and brings forth life. He calls us to “come” into a relationship with Him, longing to get closer to us still. I was particularly inspired by Martin’s sharing about what Christ being the “Light of the world” in the “darkness” would mean for his own people the Jews. God, whom the Jewish had always seen as theirs only, is indeed a God for ALL. Jews and Gentiles alike, He loves each one of us just the same, just as much. Christ as the “flesh” signifying His love that transcends all inheritance and cultures. To be a Christian is to be His missionary in the darkness that is around us. We begin where we are, our exact geographical location matters not a single bit. Do we speak the Word of life to our friends, colleagues and family members we come across every day. Do we invest on building relationships that will draw people closer to our living God? Or are we just too busy building a life of existence for ourselves or planning routes of escapes that we have missed the many opportunities through which Christ’s love could be shared! Do our lives reflect the glory of God, to the many people living a life in denial or ignorance of God’s love?

Open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest. (John 4:35)

I live assured that my mission field at the moment is in Birmingham, England. I await to see where my next mission trip will take me. Until then I will open my eyes and look at the fields, reaping harvest for my Saviour, my true and living God right where I am!

This weekend was Mission Weekend at the BCEC. We had the pleasure of hearing from Martin Goldsmith give 3 talks. You can find all the the messages as well as the worship at the BCEC Sermon Page or or listen to the mesages directly – Open Your Eyes!
John 4 – The Church for All
God’s work among Jewish and Muslim.

4 Responses to "Why Am I (Still) in the UK? by Junny Chan"
  1. Alex says:

    It is so easy to think that my life here in the UK is so temporary and I can just get caught up in what I need to do to finish my studies on time and get out of this wet country. But I suppose life in general is so temporary anyhow. We do have a mission here. Look at the fields!

    Thanks for your reflections Junny!

  2. Dan says:

    m… very interesting. I’m glad u’ve found new courage and have also reminded me to turn to Christ at times of doubts. Thanks Junny!

    Dan from FASt

  3. Vivien Keu says:

    be a missionary for England? hmm.. interesting phrase and food for thought..

    Thanks Junny for your reflection and sharing… This is the exact question that I have been asking the past weeks/months…… how interesting that I am to find myself reading your reflection today.. It is like.. a re-affirmation in my spirit… of what God has been saying..

    Read two books recently.. one by Martin Goldsmith and the other by his wife, Elizabeth Goldsmith.. was truly blessed and encouraged by their writings.. particularly, the one written by Elizabeth.. (titled God can be trusted).. Amazing stories.. and I haven’t met this couple yet..

    Thanks again.. 😀

    • bert says:

      hi vivien,
      ahh, you missed martin goldsmith when he came to speak at our missions weekend March 20-21. You can hear his messages online on our Sunday Messages page though. They were great talks. He’s a fantastic and inspiring speaker.


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