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After the 40 days of faith ended a few weeks back, I remember talking with a few people about how good it was to read the Bible together and be able to discuss passages that you have been reading.  But then, forty days ended and we were left on our own.  🙁  Then, the other weekend, Ashley did this great workshop on how to read the Bible!  One helpful suggestion he made was for us to use something called a “Bible reading plan.”

A Bible reading plan is a resource that gives you several Bible passages to read for each day of the year, eventually making up the whole Bible.  So, within 365 days, you can read through the entire Bible.  Of course, if this task is too daunting, you can do it in two years or more.  It is also helpful to have a friend or friends (or your cell group) to follow the plan together to help encourage one another in the process.  While there are several good resources out there you could buy, I thought I would blog about a few that are really good for the low, low price of FREE!  Here’s three that I thought I would highlight:

  • Chronological Bible Reading Plan – This basically takes you through a year of reading the Bible based on the historical order that things happened in time.  So, after a few days of reading from Genesis, you hop over to the book of Job (since the events in Job are thought to have happened pretty early in history).
  • ESV Study Bible Reading Plan – This one actually comes printed in the back of the ESV Study Bible (a pretty good study Bible, BTW).  It gives you four sets of passages to read for each day.  This way, you can read through the whole Bible in a year, two years, or four years… just mix and match how you like.
  • Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan – This one is pretty sweet.  It is a lot like the last one which gives you four different groups of passages.  BUT, instead of giving you something for every day, it gives you a reading for TWENTY-FIVE days (yes, 25 days).  Why?  This gives you a chance to catch up if you miss some days of reading or allows you to skip on Sundays in lieu of church service.

Also, for you tech geeks out there, you can get a lot of these Bible reading plans sent to you via RSS, daily emailed to you, or for your iCal.  Check them out and let us know what works for you!

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