King of Kings and Lord of Lords

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David Cameron eh? Hmm, but i suppose it’s also not entirely David Cameron. It’s really the Conservative party isn’t it? Oh wait, it’s not really the Conservative Party either. It’s more like a Conservative Liberal Democrat mashup.

Coalition is what they call it.

The pundits are already worried that this Coalition government isn’t going to work. That the differences between the two parties are going to cause infighting and policy clashes that may not be the best for Britain. It’s a bit like a two headed government.

In a democracy, it’s good to have internal debate and discussion about what’s the best direction for the country. A democracy runs on the elected majority making decisions on behalf of the people (theoretically, not necessarily realistically.) But there are clear dangers about being of two-minds, and having two parties in conflict with each other deciding what to do.

I’m reminded of what Jesus says “Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand.” Jesus was being accused about where his allegiances were – whether he was really the Son of God. And Jesus points out the obvious – that in the same way a kingdom of two allegiances is unstable, so a life of two allegiances will be unstable.

In my own life, I’ve realised that there are rulers and kings which still have jurisdiction over my thoughts and actions. Kings in my life that I am reluctant to depose. I gladly give them my secret allegiance, whilst proclaiming my undying affection to Jesus. And I wonder why my relationship with Christ lacks the stability that I desire? It’s clear because I have not walked with Jesus into the victory of his Kingdom.

There is only one King of kings. And only one Lord of lords.

As my journey with Christ continues, I now commit to walking with him, deposing kings that fill me with false promises of satisfaction and peace, and instead grant that land of my heart to Christ.

May the flag of Christ fly throughout my life.

These were some thoughts about the sixteenth episode in our series on Joshua. You can find all the the messages as well as the worship at the BCEC Sermon Page or or listen to the sermon directly – Joshua 10:29-13:7.

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  1. Barry says:

    When I was reading Bert’s blog entry I couldn’t help seeing myself in the struggle he denotes.
    It seems to me there are lots of Kings in my life who want my affection, time, energy and resources and although what they represent may seem intoxicating at times I manage to walk away from them preferring to remain in the peace and sovereignty of God’s kingdom, a place which is best for me!
    I so wish that was the end of my reply but sadly it’s not! There is another side to my actions, one in which leads me out from the peace of God into the harmful, misleading clutches of wickedness, whereby, I act in a manner which is in opposition to the way God wants me to behave. Why is this so? Is it just a matter of making a bad decision? If it is why do I continually make the same bad decision in a particular area? Can I blame everything on the sinful nature I possess due to the fall of Adam? (Original sin) Or are there deeper issues in play than merely calling the wrong shot time and time again?
    Some Christians claim there are spiritual powers round about me trying to entice me away from my position of safety in God, forces with spiritual power led by Satan, that are at war with the church and everything I represent as a Christian. The Bible certainly maintains this concept in both the OT and the NT.
    This doesn’t mean I’m on my own in this battle though, so I’m not scared! God will never leave me or forsake me. Surely he has placed me in a church to help wage the war with me as we spiritually fight together, not only for our own protection but also to help those casualties of War both in and outside the church who seem unaware of what is really happening around them.

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