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So, I’m speaking at a Teen Conference this week, but after this week’s message, I was reminded of a song. Something to keep my mind focused on God throughout the day. Especially when work can be so overwhelming. I searched and searched for the song online, but to no avail. So what to do? Record it myself I suppose. Yes, even though I should have been packing and heading off to the conference, I took some time out to record a song, to remind me of God’s ever presence.

The song and lyrics are available as you read on…

The song is called
Morning, Evening.

Morning, breaking, songbird in the sky
Sings a lullaby to the night. And I find that
I am waking to the rising sun.
I sing to the one who is the light.

I sing to the God who made the day.
The God who guides my way.
The God who’ll always say,
“I’m right beside you.” So morning, evening,
All day long–I’ll sing a song to the God of Morning.

To the God of noontime, basking
In the warmth of days. Nature seems to
Praise the Lord who cares, still I find that
I am asking when the clouds appear,
If the Lord can hear my fevered prayers.

I pray that the God who made the skies
Who fills life with surprise,
Will help me realize He’s right beside me.
So morning, evening, all day long
I sing a song, to the God of noontime.

To the God of evening, falling
sky is brilliant red
Earth has gone to bed and so shall I.
Yet I find that I am calling on the Lord above.
And He in His love will hear my cry.

I cry to the God who made the night,
The God who brings me light,
The God who’s always right there beside me.

So morning, evening, all day long,
I sing a song to the God of morning,
To the God of evening,
To the Lord of love.

Download Morning, Evening. (excuse the funny voice.)

These were some thoughts from the fourth message in our summer series, Life Together. You can find all our messages as well as the worship at the BCEC Sermon Page or listen to the sermon directly – Life Together.

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