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Over the rest of 2010, we’ll be going through the Gospel of John, and examining the life of Jesus. I’m calling this series, “The Remarkable Life of Jesus and our Strong and Courageous Life in Him.”

I really believe that we need to look at the life of Christ – to remember and rediscover the truths about Him, and the increase of faith that our lives experience when we walk with Him. This week we’ll be beginning the series with John 2. See you all on Sunday. 🙂

If you missed last week’s service, we had a combined (Cantonese, Mandarin & English) service at the Avon Room in Birmingham University. It was to celebrate the fact that our church has, for the first time in it’s history, 3 full-time workers. And also to celebrate my ordination. You can catch-up with Henry Lu’s (COCM Director) message on our sermon page.

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