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A glimpse into the life of a man who lived a consistent spiritual life, overcame impossibilities, & began a work that still continues today.

Looking at spiritual giants like Hudson Taylor, I often wonder what made them distinct. Because they loom so much larger-than-life, it’s tempting to assume that they somehow reached a spiritual place reserved for a few elite super-Christians. But in this book the authors—son and daughter-in-law of Hudson Taylor—remind us that they were no more distinct than any of us. “What was the secret, we may well ask, of such a life? Hudson Taylor had many secrets, for he was always going on with God, yet they were but one—the simple, profound secret of drawing for every need, temporal or spiritual, upon the fathomless wealth of Christ … We want, we need, we may have Hudson Taylor’s secret and success, for we have Hudson Taylor’s Bible and God.”

Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret is available at The Book Depository for 4.25

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