The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis

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In a dream-world where visits to heaven are allowed from hell, the author makes observations on what prevents people from choosing heaven.

Since I’m known to be a reader, people often like to ask me my favourite book or author. To be honest I just don’t have a good answer. I love reading precisely because there’s something worth finding and appreciating in (almost) every book. I do have phases though, my current one being C.S. Lewis. His books span a range of styles and genres, but he manages to bring a characteristic imagination and witty logic to them all. Some are friendlier than others (I still haven’t managed The Abolition of Man), but as an slightly autobiographical allegory The Great Divorce is a short, engaging read, if not the clearest in meaning.

The Great Divorce by C.S.Lewis is available at Amazon for 4.96

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