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Challenging what it means to live the Christian life with personal stories of Mother Theresa, his grassroots community and from Baghdad.

Offering new perspectives, Claiborne explores how we should live as ordinary radicals and urges us to think deeper. What does it means to live the “christian life”? And how do we practically love the people around us in the radical way that Jesus did? His community seeks to live as the disciples did in Acts, sharing resources and reaching out to the neighbourhood. I found the creativity, simplicity and openness of the community Claiborne lives in to be inspiring. His passion in serving God and people in our time is stirring and his approach non-judgemental (and easy to read). Though the examples used may seem beyond what we can do ourselves, we know anything is possible through Christ. And the time to live and love as Jesus did is now.

The Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne is available at for £6.11

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