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What does a Christian do in such a time? A story of where following your conscience in obedience & love to God may take you & bring you through.

The Hiding Place remains in my mind one of the classics of Christian biography. Sure, there are plenty of more modern biographies on the shelves of CLC — stories of ex-terrorists, former strippers, crusaders for justice in war-torn countries. And I’m sure they are also inspirational accounts of God’s grace, power, and love. But though this story happened over 50 years ago in a plot that sounds more like a historical novel than modern life, Corrie ten Boom’s life remains one of the most encouraging testimonies I’ve heard. Recently I went through some cluttered folders on my C drive (in an attempt to coax my computer to run faster) and found this document from when I was a teen:

Though Corrie ten Boom is generally and largely known for her ministry during and after WW2, what I admire more is the lifetime of quiet, unglamorous service to her Lord in all the years before. In literary terms she was the unlikely hero — a middle-aged single woman living at home and working in the family business. But she loved her Jesus and instinctively reflected it from her life. She never sought an exciting ministry, only faithfully lived to the people around her. And when adventure came and found her, she simply walked step after step in obedience, regardless of where it led.

The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom can be found on Amazon for £5.77, or at Christian Audio as this month’s free download.

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