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If you were to name twenty key teachings of Christianity, which ones would you choose? Book “Christian Beliefs” summarises the twenty teachings that Christians should know and presents them in a clear and concise way. Each chapter doesn’t take me longer than 15 minutes to read. Although you might want to study more carefully, as there are question at end of each chapter asking what you learnt and how are you going to apply this knowledge practically.

I (Witek) am often asked to explain what Christians believe on certain issues, like heaven, hell, demons, baptism etc. Reading this book helped me to give more organised and concise answers (I hope!). I recommend wholeheartedly to purchase and read especially if you only were a Christian for a little while.

Christian Beliefs: Twenty Basics Every Christian Should Know, by Wayne A. Grudem (Author); Elliot Grudem (Editor) can be found at Amazon for £6.16

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