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Have you ever wondered what the Bible is truly about? Professor Carson takes the reader through the books of the Bible starting from creation in Genesis to culmination of history in book of Revelation. You will discover how all stories from Old Testament about Abraham, Moses, David and so on, as well as book of Psalms and prophecies have one mega-theme. God who is active in history and brings His purpose of salvation through Jesus Christ, as presented in the New Testament.

What I like about this book is that it doesn’t assume that its reader has extensive knowledge of Christianity. It explains clearly meaning of difficult biblical phrases (i.e. propitiation) or concepts like sacrificial system of Old Testament and the Jewish laws. You can read yourself and then give it to read to your enquiring friends.

Author of this book made also series of lectures on the same topic, which you can watch or listen here.

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The God Who Is There, by D.A. Carson is currently available at Amazon for £7.79

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