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By now, you would have read about the ongoing riots all over the UK: Tottenham, Hackney, Croydon (London Boroughs), Birmingham city centre, and possibly even more cities and neighbourhoods still to be affected after I’ve written this post. And no doubt, we all have our opinions on how the police force has handled things– whether they are fair or corrupt, helpful or useless, empowered or helpless.

But amidst all our talk, we neglect praying for them. In fact, we nearly always neglect praying for the police.

In the same way that we lifted up those working in the NHS a few weeks ago, let’s pray for the police in the UK (or wherever you live). Let us pray for their protection. For wisdom in their actions. For a spirit of calm when people attempt to escalate a situation. For a word of peace when being incited to anger. For protection when being assaulted.

We forget that the police are men and women like us. With friends and family. With strengths and weaknesses. They are entrusted to a task and asked to perform that to the best of their ability.

Let’s pray for them.

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  1. Witek says:

    Bert, I liked your FB comment and I will re-post it below:

    “Any armchair commander can complain about the government from the sidelines. the heart of a real man is filled with compassion and they fall to their knees in prayer.”

  2. Nicole Kuek says:

    Really good reminder. I was praying for people and forgetting about the police.

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