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This past August, the UK experienced some of the biggest riots they have had in years. From these riots there has been a lot of talk about justice, the failings of the current system, and the degradation of society.

As Christians, we struggle to find this balance between justice and mercy, punishment and grace. On a personal level, how do we react to those who have caused harm to us? How do we forgive and at the same time cry out for justice? On a local level, what does justice mean to the victims of the crime, as well as what the perpetrators think of justice? And on a global scale, what does it mean for someone guilty of war crimes to be brought to justice, and at should the victims forgive the criminal?

We need to start wrestling with these real topics, and start meeting with God to find answers to these tough questions. All of us have felt wronged at some point – passed over for a promotion, neglected by a parent, accused of a crime. At the same point, we see that there are greater injustices in the world – poverty, hunger, genocide. How do we believe and interact with a God who ii just, in the face of this world’s troubles?

We’ve put together a one day seminar that we hope will spur discussion and really challenge our thinking when it comes to justice, mercy & forgiveness. These are things we need to learn how to tackle on a personal, local, and global level. And from a physical, emotional, and spiritual perspective as well.

We will have an exhibition and a speaker from The Forgiveness Project, and a movie screening of The Redemption of General Butt Naked. Both are really awesome and really challenging. I personally was so convicted and challenged by the end of the film and was dying to discuss it with people. Definitely worth gathering together for.

The Forgiveness Project
“The Forgiveness Project works at a local, national and international level to help build a future free of conflict and violence by healing the wounds of the past. By collecting and sharing people’s stories, and delivering outreach programmes, The Forgiveness Project encourages and empowers people to explore the nature of forgiveness and alternatives to revenge.” We will be hearing from Peter Woolf.
-The Forgiveness Project

The Redemption of General Butt Naked
“The Redemption of General Butt Naked tells the story of Joshua Milton Blahyi – aka General Butt Naked – a brutal warlord who murdered thousands during Liberia’s horrific 14-year civil war. Today, the General has renounced his violent past and reinvented himself as Evangelist Joshua Milton Blahyi. This riveting and unsettling portrait takes viewers on Joshua’s crusade to redeem his past, as he confronts his victims and attempts to rehabilitate the former child soldiers who once fought for him. Whatever you make of him — liar or madman, charlatan or genuine repentant — the film challenges viewers to ask important questions about both the power and the limits of forgiveness, amid a nation’s search for healing and justice.” –IMDB

Date: Saturday, November 26, 2011
Time: 10.30-17.30
Venue: BCEC, 14 Upper Gough Street
Birmingham B1 1jG
Cost: £25 (lunch included)

Ages 21+

Morning: Exhibition & Speaker from
The Forgiveness Project

Film: The Redemption of General Butt Naked
Discussion Groups
Talk: Justice, Mercy, Forgiveness – Bert Han

You can let us know you’re coming through our Facebook Event or Register Online.

With regard to payment, if you’re unable to pay the fee, or are a student, we can arrange for a subsidised fee (or possibly waive it). The costs go to the speaker from the Forgiveness project, the hiring of the exhibition, and the fees for screening the film. We will just take payment on the day. The registration is to know how much food to prepare. If you come and are totally dissatisfied with it, I am happy to refund.

This seminar is coordinated by i92, a part of the BCEC. For more information about i92 visit

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