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The recent figure for unemployment in the UK is at 8.3 percent, with an estimated 2.62 million people currently unemployed. That’s a lot of people.

This Christmas, we’re going to get involved with Birmingham Central Foodbank. They provide food supplies for families who need emergency access: for the baby who has no milk, to the family that needs to decide whether to eat or stay warm. Christmas is a time to remember Christ and his love for us. And that compels us to love our neighbours.

We’re going to have some containers available for the next few Sundays for you to bring different items which we’ll take over to the Foodbank.

So get involved, and be praying for those in need this Christmas.

Here’s a list of things you can bring:
1. Soup (tins/packets), Beans, Tinned Food, Fruit Juice/Cordial, Pasta/rice, Instant Mash, Tea, Coffee, Milk UHT/Powder, Chocolates & Treats, Biscuits, Sugar, Cereal, Rice Pudding
2. Festive treats: sweets, chocolate, mince pie etc
3. Second-hand toys in good condition

You can read more about Foodbank on the Trussels Trust site.

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