A series of fictional letters from one demon to another, this humorous book spins a different perspective on living the Christian life.  

Screwtape Letters is written from the viewpoint of Screwtape, a high-ranking demon who serves “Our Father Below”.  In the preface at the beginning, the author hopes that it would encourage readers to see the impact of spiritual life on daily reality. I found it a stimulating and entertaining read, particularly since it is styled as an instruction manual for how to tempt humans away from God. The unusual outlook reveals and results in an ironic portrayal of human spirituality. Generally thought-provoking and unlike any other book I’ve read before. It challenged me to question my behaviour and to think about how we as humans are affected by the often forgotten spiritual battles that take place everyday, just as C.S. Lewis intended.

The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis can be found on Book Depository for £5.54.

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