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If you haven’t looked outside of your window yet (saturday 4 february 2012), it’s very snowy out! In fact the streets are covered! And the roads aren’t the safest. (Pray for junny as she’s got to head to work this evening!). In fact, we had our own road troubles, with our car unable to get up a hill. Praise God when 3 teens offered to push and get the car moving again.

It got me thinking about church tomorrow. I was wondering, what would happen if a blizzard meant we couldn’t go to church on Sunday? Not just this week, but for a few weeks? What would people do? Would people just stop worshipping?

Nowadays we usually use the word church to describe the building or the meeting place. It’s hard for us to grasp the church as being us. But in the Bible, the word and idea of church is closer to the idea of congregation. A group that congregates to worship God.

So if you couldn’t make it to “church” on Sunday, would you still congregate to worship God? Would you invite brothers and sisters in the area to come round and worship together? Would you invite your neighbours to come over and pray?

If you can’t get to church tomorrow, have a worship service in your home. Invite friends round. Church is when you gather to worship. 🙂

But, if you can get out of the house, you should definitely come to fellowship and worship with us at the BCEC. I’ll be there. And if you’re homebound, but would still like to share in the service, check this page tomorrow at 9:10 – we may try streaming the service online. 🙂

Stay warm, and pray for those at work and travelling. (The guy who gave me my dinner (McDonald’s employee), has to work til 1. I’ll be praying for him!)

We’ll be broadcasting today Here. Starting at 9:30. Be warned though, there’s a short advertisement when it starts for some paranormal movie. It starts pretty loudly so i’d turn the sound off first. Lemme know how it goes!

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