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A few years ago, a group of us started talking about life, and we wondered “Why isn’t there anything to challenge those of us in the working world?” We realised that there’s plenty of stuff for youth and university, but once you hit the working world it’s like you’re on your own.

The more we thought about it, the more we realised how difficult it is to be a follower of Jesus in the working world. And as we talked and opened up about our struggles in life, we realised that we needed something more. We wanted to get together with others and share. We wanted a place to talk about God openly, to discuss relationships, the future, frustrations, hopes and dreams.

We wanted someplace we could bring our friends – those who have become disillusioned with God. We wanted something where we could be honest about our churches, our families, our fears, and our dreams.

And so we put together i9:2. An annual conference where we can get away and reflect, interact, and be restored.

There will be 4 main speaking sessions by myself (Bert Han). And on top of that, we’ll have 6 seminars (you choose 2 to attend), covering Money Management, Habits of the Heart, The Purpose of Work, Rest and the Sabbath, Family, and Helping those in Need. Add to that the conversations with other working folk, times of prayer and worship, and a chance for rest and relaxation, and this will be one of your highlights for 2012.

We’re really excited about it and hope to see you there.

The conference runs May 4-6 2012, Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, and is fully catered and accommodated for £130. It will be held at Whitemoor Lakes Conference Centre in Lichfield. We’ve got more information at the i9:2 Website

Or just Register Now. 🙂

Registration deadline is April 15.


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