Let’s talk money. Let’s talk spending. Let’s talk shopping. Let’s talk charity. And let’s be honest about it. I’ll start. I like nice things. I’m picky about what guitar i play. I love using Apple computers. I’d like to live in a nice safe neighbourhood with a garden. Is that in conflict with being a Christian? Should I feel guilty for having these things?

Surprisingly, Jesus talks a lot about money and wealth. But we struggle to have honest and open conversations about it. We aren’t sure how to be capitalists without being greedy. Some of us don’t want to work at jobs just for the money, but that’s often the reality of the workplace. Others of us love earning and keeping track of our finances, but don’t want to be selfish.At this November’s i9:2 Lite, let’s come together and have an honest, thought provoking, discussion about money, consumerism, charity, and materialism. We are past the age of just being spoon-fed what to believe. Let’s sit down together and wrestle with these issues.i9:2 Bling

November 17, 10.30-17.30
£15 (including Lunch) – pay on the day

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