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Since the youth group is called ID, we decided to take a cue from our name and look who we are and how we find our identity. And what better reason than to actually LOOK at our identity in Christ?

Topics like:
“Why did God make me?”
“Are you really living?”

“How do we become the best version of what God has planned for us?”


When we first started the series last week, Terence excitedly thought it was like the Purpose Driven Life, but for teens. I definitely agree! And that is pretty much the gist of it: for the teens to decide what their purpose and identity is based on.

So this week we discussed the issue of pretending, how we sometimes pretend to be nice, pretend to be someone or something we’re not. I admit sometimes I pretend to be happy or act like nothing is wrong. But what’s cooler is that we don’t need to pretend with God–because He knows us inside out!

I shared a story with them about how in my first two years of high school I mixed with the wrong crowd, a very dark group with things bordering on evil. And then I was pulled out of that school and forced to conform to a slightly more posh school. But I still went from one clique group to the next, wanting to be accepted and to belong somewhere. As a teenager back then, it was important to fit right in, so I pretended. The teens at iD know all about clique groups, as evidenced by some fascinating discussion during the study. It’s just part of secondary school life.

But we concluded the session by determining that God loves genuineness. He wants us to be open and honest, and He wants us to want to live for Him. We’ll continue delving into this topic for the next couple of months. It’s exciting to discuss issues that matter for them. And perhaps (this is my prayer), the teens will be stimulated to have a deeper relationship with Jesus.

And to end, in case you’re wondering what happened to teenage me wandering aimlessly from one social group to the next, I ended up meeting Jesus the summer after year 9, and I decided to live for Him at the age of 14. God ended up blessing me with a wonderful set of Christian friends at school. I was not only accepted into a family of believers, but accepted among high school Christian friends!
And this simply explains why I love serving in this ministry: it was where I grew the most as a new believer. And I strongly believe God has amazing things in store for the teens at iD.

If you know of any teens, or you have of your own, why not encourage them to come to iD? We meet every Sunday from 1pm to 2.30pm[ish], in the upstairs room at church. We welcome all students from year 7 to 13. 

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