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When did your house become your home?
When did that “person-you-know” become your friend?
When did this church become your church?

There’s this point where a relationship changes. Where you begin to associate with things or people differently. It’s that point where we call someone our friend. Or the point when that building is now your home. So is this church, your church?

We’re going to be having a special meeting on Saturday, 26 January from 10.30-12.30. If you feel like this is your church, or if you’re feeling like you’re close to calling this church your church, come along and get a closer look at who we are, and where we’re going this year.

On that day, I’m planning to share about some important things. I’ll talk about where I see the church going and what’s coming up this year. I’ll explain what our role as an English congregation is in the church, and how that fits into it being a Chinese church. We’ll be sharing together about what we think church is and sharing with each other ways that we can bring God to those around. And I’ll be sharing a few ways that we’ve come up with on how we’re going to share in our living God together.

So come and be part of this new exploration of being part of the BCEC.

January 26

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