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This year, we have the 60 Days of Impact materials in a variety of formats.

  1. Analog : You can pick up a beautiful, traditional paper copy at the BCEC. We’ll be giving those out tomorrow on Easter Sunday. It is available in English, Traditional Chinese & Simplified Chinese
  2. eBook : For the more digital savvy, we’ve got eBooks available in English or Simplified Chinese. The ebooks were amazing coded by Raymond Fong with Free Digital Church Services. An eBook lets you highlight and make notes, just like a paper copy. But it also lets you search through the document as well.
  3. PDF : We also have it available as a PDF that you can either print out on your own, or read with any of the free PDF readers out there.
  4. Blog : Finally, every day we’ll be posting up the latest devotional right here on the BCEC website. You can take part in the community by posting your own thoughts, prayers or comments each day.

So go ahead and grab the material in whichever way you want!

To load an ebook,
1. open up this page in Safari (or your web browser on your iPad or tablet)
2. click on the download link on the one you want.
3. once it’s loaded, click on “Open with iBooks” in the top corner.
eBook – English (ePub/iBook)
eBook – Simplified Chinese (ePub/iBook)

eBook – English (mobi/kindle)
eBook – Simplified Chinese (mobi/kindle)

PDF – English
PDF – Traditional Chinese
PDF – Simplified Chinese

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