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The book of Acts picks up from the gospel of Luke. It unfolds the story of how the gospel spread from Jerusalem, throughout Judea, Samaria, and to the rest of the Mediterranean world. It’s an amazing look at how God’s Spirit uses his people to proclaim the message of Christ.

We really felt like it would be amazing for our church to study the book of Acts together, and open up our lives to seeing God at work. As we read his Word and see the truth of God at work there, let’s open our eyes to see His work here as well.

When Jesus died on the cross and then resurrected, the impact of that event changed our relationship with God forever. It was the deepest and greatest impact the world has ever experienced. And God’s desire is to let that defining moment in history, become the defining moment in your life. To let your future and past be completely impacted by Jesus.

On April 1st, we’re launching 60 Days of Impact with the BCEC. We’ve put together a daily devotional through the book of Acts, and we’re inviting you to read along every day. We have print versions in English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. And we will also post a reading everyday on the bcec website.

During these 60 days, commit to letting God impact your life. Open up your heart, mind and soul to Him and invite Him to massively impact your life in new ways, and commit to spending this time forging your relationship with Him.

Here are three ways to get the most out of these 60 days.

Basic Instructions
Let God Impact You through His Word
We’ve divided the book of Acts, to be read over 60 days. And at each day, we’ve got some thoughts and observations to reflect upon. Use this devotion to read God’s Word, and believe that He is going to speak to you through it. God’s Word is living and active – and it makes an impact whenever you approach it that way.

Actively Pray for God’s impact to 5 Specific People
5 People. Write down the names of 5 people you want God to impact.
We don’t want these 60 days of hope to just be personal. Reading through Acts, you’ll discover just how amazing it is to see how the disciples and apostles were watching God impacting lives around them. Ask God for that same powerful impact in the lives of your 5.
So pray for 5 people each day. Find opportunities to meet, listen and share with them. Discover new ways to bless them, and share the life of Jesus with them – through prayer, through words, and through action.

Increase Your Faith
This might be the hardest part. Increase your faith in what God can do in your life, and in those around you. God’s impact is true and powerful. So believe in Him and what he can do – and then be willing to follow Him as he leads. During these 60 days, as you pray for yourself, your five, and your church, increase your faith in God’s impact. Read the stories in Acts, and increase your picture of God at work. And then ask Him to open up opportunities for you in your life too. Don’t just be a believer, but follow Him.

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