It’s all under control.

As we get older many of us have discovered a new sort of freedom. We have our own time, our own income, our own space. But at the same time, we’ve lost a certain freedom. We have our own bills, our own fears, our own responsibilities. And somewhere in that mix we now have these choices – who to date, where to live, whether we need God, and whether we need church. Our past, our future, our friends, our family, our jobs, our dreams – these all influence the decisions we’re making today. And sometimes it feels like things are coming together, and at other times it feels as if they’re beginning to fall apart.

This year, the main sessions at this year’s i9:2 will be led by Bert Han and are going to focus on freedom and control.

On top of that, we’re putting together some great workshops with a great range of speakers. So far we’ve confirmed a discussion about homosexuality and the church, an overview of the Old Testament, the impact and role of social media, and a few more exciting topics that we’re in the process of finalising.

As always, i9:2 is a great weekend to catch up with old friends, make new ones, get together and talk about issues that we really should spend more time thinking about. And even if it’s only once a year, it’s the perfect place to come together, rest, reflect, and get that much needed space to figure out how to get things under control.

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i9:2 is a conference designed in particular for young working adults (or masters or PhD students and above). It’s a conference where our generation has some time to consider deeper issues about life, society, our purpose, and God. You can find out more about i9:2 at

£135 after 19 April
£85 Saturday Visitor

Friday Evening 24 May
Sunday Afternoon 26 May

Whitemoor Lakes
Barley Green Lane
WS13 8QT

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