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University students? We want you! Returning or fresh on the block, we have something big lined up. Actually, four biggies.

CORE, our University student fellowship assembled together to bring you some FRESH EVENTS of 2013.

 That’s right, we have a hot-pot extravaganza, city-search treasure hunt, epic battling rounds of games, and bcec’s first ever epic open mic & coffee night!

What exactly is CORE? you might be thinking. The CORE team consists of a small bunch of young adults that want to invest and help University students learn and grow closer to Christ, whilst studying here in Birmingham.
Our team know that university time can be a very challenging time full of ups and downs; we know that being away from home comforts, away from familiarity and being forced into a new environment can be really challenging. And we know the pressures that academic crises can bring. What CORE offers is a home away from home, a safe haven from the pressures lecturers give, a community that is pretty much like a support network of friends-turned-family. This year we will have CORE groups in different university campuses to help care and offer support whilst striving to move forward together. We have socials once a month altogether. But to get us started we have four big ones this year during the start of the new academic year:

Hot Pot
Wednesday 25th September
7:00pm @the BCEC
Bring £1 for delicious hot pot/steamboat goodness.

Treasure Hunt
Saturday 28th September
Meet at the Bull statue (just outside of the Bullring shopping center).

Games Night
Wednesday 2nd October
7:00pm @the BCEC
Bring your favourite board game if you have it with you).

Open Mic and Coffee Night
Wednesday 9th October
7:00pm @the BCEC
Bring £1 for coffee and cake.
If you’re interested in performing OR you know someone amazing who you think should perform, let Ansy know.
We’re looking for artists, musicians, poets. If you can rap, sing, share spoken words, perform, we’d love you to share!

For more information email Ansy [ansypansy[at]]

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