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Happy Chinese New Year!

After time spent rummaging through clay pots and cutting grass, instead of finding rupees, these are the gems I’ve uncovered for this week!

Top of the list is #1 – a powerful testimony from Nabeel Qureshi and how Christ called him to faith. Powerful and challenging it convicts us to realising Christ calls us to follow Him – no matter the cost.

Then David challenged me to study Islam as critically as I had studied Christianity. I had learned about Muhammad from imams and my parents, not from the historical sources themselves. When I finally read the sources, I found that Muhammad was not the man I had thought. Violence and sensuality dripped from the pages of his earliest biographies, the life stories of the man I revered as the holiest in history.

#2 Next up, is someone’s review on their five favourite Children’s Bibles. I’ve been wanting to write my own review on a few of the children’s Bible’s that we have at home, but here’s Just Jilly’s top 5. I definitely agree with her #1 – Jesus Storybook Bible.” One of the best children’s Bible’s i’ve read.

#3 Third link for today, is a different way of thinking about changing habits, and getting into good routines. Mikael Cho’s article over at the Next Web should definitely help people think about processing their resolutions a little different.

One of the reasons why starting small works is there’s a process that happens naturally in your brain when a task is left unfinished. It’s called the Zeigarnik Effect and it kicks in when your brain reaches a key step in the process of completing a task.

#4 Next up is a fun and clever illustration of Paul’s missionary journeys – in the form of a London Underground map. 🙂

#5 And finally, my privacy tip of the week comes from Business Insider, on how to keep Facebook from selling you to all sorts of companies. Helping to make it clearer what’s happening with your privacy settings. Phan was shocked when I showed her what apps were accessing her Facebook data.

Have a great week, and I’ll update the blog if we’ve got any news about the building! See you on Sunday!

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