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With 2014 finally here, I’m sure I can vouch that I’m not the only one who wants to do lots of things  this year. Let’s not call them Resolutions. (Side note, one friend joked on a social media site, and said his resolution for this year is 1024×768, heh.) I prefer to not use the word Resolutions, but rather, to call them: “Projects you want to do and things you want God to teach you.”

I have a few in mind, but one project a few others and myself are attempting this year, is to deepen our understanding of God’s word. Some of the students are doing “Bible-in-a-year”. I’m continuing on from last year (because I never got round to finishing it) making it “Bible-in-two-years”. And while exploring God’s word, I thought, why not make it an extra commitment and do a side project called “Words on Wednesday”, posting a picture I’ve taken and putting some very large words over it, well, mainly scripture verses, in hope of sharing God’s word online.

The other exciting thing here at BCEC, we’ll be looking at the Old Testament this year, following with “Living Christ” as the theme for 2014. And it’s started already, this past Sunday we looked at Genesis 1-2 Creation story. And one point that hit home with me from the sermon (although I urge you to listen to it online here!) Bert talked about how we just need to take one look at nature, God’s creation and realise just how magnificent our God is, how much attention to detail He pays to the things He’s created. He’s a pretty amazing creator.

Coincidentally, we had a beautiful sunrise on Sunday morning before church, I personally got blown away, and snapped a picture of it….
So here it is. Words on Wednesday.


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