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We have now finished the Missions month of March here at BCEC. In our Lifegroup we finished the missions pack last night. And it was certainly good to talk and practise telling our testimonies with each other.
Though we’ve finished up on this missions month, it doesn’t mean we need to not think about being missions minded. if anything, I know I need to continue being more about disciple-making.

I found an interesting article on how to dialogue like Jesus.
Many times our communication may not reflect Christ. We might not think before we say things, we might let on a bit too much information, I know I do when I get excited. (There was one occasion, where I was so excited about a colourful surprise that I accidentally blurted it out, ruining the big surprise! I’ve learnt my lesson since…!)
But the moral is, we can pray that God helps us with our words.

Looking at how Jesus spoke in the gospels, helps us to learn something. He actually asked questions, and showed care and love this way. He didn’t appear higher than the person he was speaking to. He spoke gently and thoughtfully. But the secret to good communication is knowing what to ask the other person, ask good questions and you’ll get some good discussions that will lead on to more deeper meaningful conversations.

I found these questions and I thought it’s worth sharing. I hope it helps you as it helps remind me I need to work on my own communication, as I talk to people, as challenging as it is…
Here it is:

  1. Do people feel that they can trust me? Do I keep secrets?
  2. Do I talk with people as if we were on the same playing field, or do I constantly try to show them that I am smarter and wiser?
  3. When I talk with people, do I keep the conversations too formal? Do I need more spontaneity?
  4. Do I show respect for others by embracing differences?
  5. Is the format of my conversation primarly statements, or do I incorporate questions into my dialogue?
  6. Do I view knowledge as a gift or as a weapon to tear people down?
  7. Do I focus more on what I know or what I can learn?
  8. Am I willing to take risks in my conversations, or do I avoid risks altogether?
  9. Are questions used in order to deepen understanding or with some sort of secret agenda?
  10. Do I actively listen, or am I busy thinking about what I will say next?

The original article can be found here.

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