i92detailsRise and shine!

I’m sure you’re wondering what some of the ingredients are for this year’s i9:2. Here’s a closer look at some of things that we’ve got baking in the oven this year.

Keynote Sessions
Faith + Vulnerability = Authentic Christian.
Which part of this equation are you missing?
Come and find out what it means to show up and be real.
Speaker: Wai Lan Yuen

Climate change, political instability, growing fanaticism, economic inequality – the issues facing our generation are complex, global, and seemingly insurmountable. How are we supposed to rise and shine in this increasingly complex world?
Speaker: Bert Han

Some Workshops
What do we do when Science tells us something different to what we believe?
Speaker: Ben Frearson

Mental Health in a life with God. Understanding spirituality and seeking wholeness in a world filled with science and judgement if things aren’t getting better.
Speaker: Ashley Liew

On top of those, we’ve got a few more top secret ideas we’re baking up that we are looking forward to sharing with you soon. So sign up today, and we look forward to tucking into some delectable fancies with you here!

Don’t miss out!

Bert and the i9:2 team

isaiah 9:2
‘The people walking in darkness
have seen a great light;
on those living in the land of deep darkness
a light has dawned’


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