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The question I like to ask people sometimes is this:
What are some things that have been pressing on your heart lately?

Perhaps it’s not necessarily facebook-status worthy for you to share out in the social-media-sphere (or maybe it is but it’s too personal?) But I’m pretty sure everyone always has at least something that has got them thinking about something or someone. Something that occupies your thoughts, either about something that happened, or a current situation, or a concern for the future. Something fills our minds and hearts. It might get you anxious and worried. It might be something you have a tendency to put off until the day before the deadline. It might be uncertainties.

Something always ends up pressing on our hearts. That’s for sure.

I’ve learnt in the past that when something is pressing on our hearts, or as some would say “My heart is heavy”, I know it’s important to speak up about it.
I’ve learnt that when God prompts your heart to do something, or perhaps when God nudges you but yet you doubt something because there’s an initial feeling or reservation that is stopping you… Either things, I know it is vital to find someone and to share those things. Getting another person’s perspective can have beneficial gain, as sometimes we might not be thinking too clearly, our minds might have a cloudy judgement. But sometimes it’s not always the benefit of listening to another perspective, but it’s helpful to share and pray together about those pressing things on your heart. Coming before our God in prayer and pouring out those concerns.

I know for a fact God puts things on your heart for a reason. Maybe He’s igniting a flame in there. Maybe He’s put an idea for you to execute or share with someone so to get something done. Maybe He’s nudged you to speak up about something that has been rather unsettling and needs to be rectified. Maybe He has broken your heart for what breaks His.

Today at bible school, the lecturer after worship asked if anyone wanted to share something that God has done recently… I tried to ignore the thing that was pressing heavy on my heart and tried with my utmost strength to suppress from sharing it amongst my whole school. But eventually my heart was pounding so much, I was prompted to speak up. So I did, and although I stumbled over my words because it was such a personal thing to share, people could see I meant every word I said (despite my nervousness). They listened and we all prayed corporately.
(You’re probably wondering what I shared, you can ask me when you see me face to face).

I’m not saying that sharing openly out in public is a must (although if God moves you to, that’s great too!) but sharing those pressing matters with one person is better than letting it stay inside. We were made for community. We aren’t walking alone in this journey. We are blessed with the ability to communicate: with each other and with God. So I would like to encourage you to share with someone something that’s on your heart, and then to pray together to our Great God.

What are some things that have been pressing on your heart lately?

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